Feeling small in a tiny home

I went to bed early so 5:25 AM seems like the perfect time to get up this morning. In my tiny home, of course there is limited space so every object must have a purpose and more than likely will have some kind of special story or meaning behind the giver or the moment received. Yesterday while going through some of my stored items, I found a beautiful Venetian glass lamp that my grandfather used to have on his desk in his office. It looks like an aquarium with fish in it and I remember as a child staring at it and actually wondering if the fish were real and just very still. Childhood memories… But now it sits in a special place on my desk in my tiny home, the shade on top providing a warm amber glow as I heat water for my tea. Through the door, I hear two great horned owls calling to each other, back and forth down in the creek. Wrapping a blanket around my shoulders and slipping on my fleece slippers, I step out onto the deck to listen. The temperature gauge says 39° and I notice the glint of frost on the grass. Both of the dogs open an eye as I walk outside wondering if I’m expecting them to go too. “You guys stay there, you’re fine”, is my answer. They both tuck their noses under their paws and snuggle deeper. The sky is full of stars. I know there must be a bit of light pollution from Austin but I’m not recognizing it right now. I’m a tiny being on this beautiful blue planet. 

I think it’s possible another entity of some sort could be looking in our direction and thinking the same way.

7 thoughts on “Feeling small in a tiny home

  1. Beautifully eloquent or is it eloquently beautiful? Either way, your writing evokes such thought…..
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Smaller and smaller you go from the vast universe and expanded ego….spiraling down the rabbit of minute subatomic insignificance……down,down you go…..a little bit less,a little bit less……tinier and tinier all along your Spirit inversely expanding until one day woooosh…..you vanish….only to arrive at the Pearly Gates and the Streets of Gold…..the journey complete…..welcome home….sit down beside me my child.

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