Physician, Heal Thyself…

Do you dream of an improved life? Do you think, gosh, I just want my life to be better! Or do you think of what that could actually look like? I mean specific details! Like instead of I wish I could afford landscaping in my front yard, being clear, maybe drawing diagrams of what you would like, choosing specific plants and doing the research involved in whether you want to use native or non-native species. Or instead of I wish my horse and I got along better… being specific about behavior that you do not like and ways you would like to respond differently. You don’t have to commit to anything but you can look at different clinicians in your area or research work shops or people who give lessons. Instead of, I wish I made more money at work, ask the questions… When do they give raises, what would your supervisor be looking for to determine whether you get one or not… your gathering information and there’s no rejection in just gathering information. I have a new coaching client this week so all of these thoughts have been fresh and new for me. The horses help me remember that I wake up with fresh opportunities of looking at life in a more positive fashion. How do horses do that? I notice that they greet me every morning I walk to the barn. I’m welcomed with low-volume rumbles in their anticipation of being fed. When I come out of the house their ears prick and they turn to watch me all the way to the barn. Sure they may just be waiting to see if I’m going to give them food but they stand there and follow me around as I clean manure out of the pens , not walking off because I didn’t feed. They may stand to the side with one back hoof cocked while they relax and take a nap but it is in my presence and not out in the pasture where they could be easily. They walk up to me and stick their heads in the halter. I’ve learned not to just ask stuff of them all the time. Sometimes I come out just to talk. I’ve learned to be present with the horses and it’s helped me in my personal relationships to be fully present when someone is talking to me. At times I slip up but I recognize when I do. — Iatre, therapeuson seauton

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