Falling into balance…

Looking out there Looking out

In honor of my friend Robyn Nelson’s birthday, I would like to plunk my bum in front of the keyboard again. During my Argentinian mate this morning, sitting in front of the radio listening to the classical music station, my mom’s favorite… I was remembering Monday. Warm and balmy, Monday…and I began to look back through my journal. One of the excersises I asked myself to do last year (and haven’t yet) was my own version of Max Ehrmann’s, “Desiderata

Isn’t that what everyone does on a dreary day that is only brightened by my dear friend’s birthday?? Watch the foggy drizzle roll in..and do a cover of a famous poem?

Here goes…Desiderata, Colorado style…,

Go peacefully amid the white sage and piñon and reflect on the peace of the sound of a scurrying rabbit through the tough blades of desert grass. Wave to each farmer and rancher as they haul their livelihood to market along the red dust road. Speak clearly and present a strong handshake when conversing with the locals and remember some of them have never been anywhere but here. Avoid the bars. More than likely you are way out of your league. Do not compare yourself to your rich neighbors. You have no idea what they have gone through to get where they are today. Be happy about having a good day and do not reflect on the chores that did not get done. Do not be too hard on yourself that you did not get further along in your endeavors. You have been a blessing by being present. Watch closely the body language of horses and actions of new acquaintances. Someone will go to great lengths to take advantage if they think they can. However, also remember, this world is full of heroes. Be yourself. Do not act like something is all right if it is not. Martyrdom breeds cynicism on both sides. There will always be disenchantment. Listen carefully to your elders. They have forgotten more about horses than you have learned so far. Stay strong in spirit by being in nature and nurturing your relationship with the Creator. This strength will carry you through unexpected misfortune. Be careful not to create a problem where there isn’t one. So beyond just doing the right thing, give yourself a break every chance you get. You come from the most magnificent Creator who also created everything else in the universe so you are one with it. Even if you do not recognize it, everything is as it should be for your higher learning. Just be at peace with God, The Great Spirit, or whatever name you give the Creator and as you go about being human… be at peace because with all of its falsehoods, hard work and broken dreams, you were born for a reason. Do not waste your life. Find a way to be happy at least for a moment, every day.

Happy birthday Robbie!

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