Becoming Limitless…

A welcome change I’ve noticed in myself since the month on trail in Colorado, is I don’t mind the rain so much anymore. Of course, I don’t appreciate a solid downpour on my head, but I am less inclined to shrink at the thought of being cold and wet. Being willing to be uncomfortable is liberating. Free from pain and thoughts of suffering, I can do anything.

As a matter of fact, now that I’m thinking about it… my tolerance for being uncomfortable is totally different. Our trip, although adventurous and amazing, had very uncomfortable moments both physically and mentally. But that’s what it was about, right? It was a life-changing experience. At night, as I move deeper into my blankets in the tiny home, I think of how blessed I am to be so comfortable. I laugh to remember how my sleeping pad kept deflating from a minuscule hole I never did locate, so two times a night for 30 nights, I would wake up cold and have to reinflate it in order to go back to sleep. Putting clothes on in the morning that hadn’t quite dried out from the day before was always shocking in 30 and 40° temperatures. Thankfully, I had a dry bag for my sleeping bag that kept my sleeping clothes and bag dry at all times. I took an empty pillowcase and stuffed it with my jacket every night for a pillow. I could stand the rain as it pelted my head as long as it wasn’t stinging my eyes. Head down, power through it I thought to myself… it’s not going to last forever

Here at home, as I walk along through the rain this morning, giving the dogs their 30 minute run before I leave for work… I turn my face to the rain and smile. You’re not so bad, I think to myself.

Here are some photos from that walk. The colors in the rain are so beautiful.

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