Appreciate everything…

Coming home from an evening of friends, I pulled into the ranch and parked underneath the low hanging oak tree limb that will shade my car in the morning sun.

I sat there for a minute, listening to the end of a podcast that was talking about something I was enjoying. As I got out of the car I look towards the house and there was Otis, sitting on the front porch watching me. What a loyal friend and constant companion he has been. I have been gone for four hours and I’m sure he has gone off and explored here and there but made sure he was on the porch waiting for me when I got home. Whether he’s waiting for food or waiting for me I don’t care. I choose to believe he is waiting for me. As I stroked his beautiful face and kissed his forehead, I remembered back to an evening I can barely talk about without breaking into tears. I had spent the evening looking for horses with my wonderful Punkin dog in the back of the truck as she always was. When we pulled up to the house, I lowered the tailgate and asked her, “are you ready for some supper? ” She stood there looking at me and I thought, well, I guess not, and I walked to the house. Thinking she must be thirsty and hungry I went ahead and prepared her supper and filled her bowl with freshwater. Coming out to the back porch, I set it down and called, “Punkin… Supper! “. But she didn’t come? Why not? Silly girl… I walked to the end of the sidewalk and looked in the back of the truck and she was lying dead where I had last seen her. I think she was trying to tell me goodbye in her little way and I didn’t recognize it. Faithful girl. I cry tonight when I think of it. Did I thoroughly let her know how much she meant to me? And then I start thinking, do I let anyone know? So as I kiss Otis tonight, and I walk up the stairs I look down at him and say, “you know how much I love you? It’s really important to me that you know how much I love you”. And so I learn, appreciate everything. Do not pick and choose… Appreciate everything.

3 thoughts on “Appreciate everything…

  1. That was so beautiful! You made me cry because I totally understand what you are saying! We all do need to tell the people and animals we love that we do care and love them. We need to say it again and again all the time and every chance we get!
    I believe our words and feelings cross over and can stay with others forever!

  2. Totally get it; It’s been 5 years since our Frankie passed away ~ I still miss kissing his face every day. There’s nothing like the love and loyalty of a pet. And yes, it’s important to tell others we care in the NOW not in the later. MJ

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