Being taught compassion…

The four-legged’s in our lives teach us so much. Maybe they teach us almost everything. I’m going through some things emotionally that have hardened my heart a bit. You know how, when you are just trying to keep your head above water… You harden your heart a bit to lessen the drama. Well, at least I do. So I have been waiting for the rain to start. Fall rains finally bring the temperatures below 100°, they invigorate the dormant grass whose roots are struggling to stay moisturized, they make puddles for small animals to drink and replenish the aquifer for the larger animals… When they started today I was so excited! Then I heard Otis whining. He is one of those sensitive dogs that gets thrown into a panic at the first sound of thunder. I’m running around dancing in the rain so happy and he is cowering in a corner waiting for me to let him in to a 186 square-foot tiny home. He is standing at the door… Not even looking back at me just focusing on when the door will open to allow him in, knowing I will put on his little thunder jacket that will squeeze him tight and help him make it through the next 15 minutes of thunder.

I tried to practice compassion, opening the door, I already have a towel laid out for him to walk in on so I can towel him off and clean his feet. Seriously, if I did not do that I would be living in a constant state of mud, dog hair and slime in such a small space during rain.

I don’t understand his fear, because I don’t know where it comes from. He has never been abused, he has grown up with the same mommy doing the same thing his entire life. Why is he so scared? But what he is teaching me, is it doesn’t matter if I understand. It is obvious he is scared and although I do not want to feed into his reactions, I do want him to feel safe. So taking deep breath’s to keep from being aggravated, I tell myself I am willing to be generous with compassion towards this wonderful soul who comforts me through thick and thin. It doesn’t matter if I understand…

Thank God! Here it finally comes…

When a loved one needs some compassion, I can show up. It’s the very least I can do.

4 thoughts on “Being taught compassion…

  1. Very beautiful! You’re so right. We don’t always need to understand, we just need to be there. A great way to think and live.

  2. Aww … well maybe his sensitivity is a reminder to slow down and be still with him. And what could be wrong in that? Otis may be on to something. Hope whatever is troubling you soon passes … xo MJ

    1. That is a very constructive way to look at it for sure. Thank you for your kind words. Life is just happening…sometimes shifting from one way I’ve been to another takes a little more effort for me. It will all be well and is. Thank you MJ

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