Another thing about tiny house living…

When space is limited, when time is limited, when there are limits to our lives we recognize those things that are very important to us that we actually want to do, spend time with, allow into our space. While I was waiting for water to boil this morning, listening to my copper kettle heat up I looked at other objects in my morning routine. I realized, thankfully, that everything in this little space means something to me. I have been in homes that were decorated so beautifully! Sometimes I see a bowl on a coffee table filled with different types of balls, some wicker maybe another glittery or natural object. And I wonder, do these things mean something to this person? When you have a bigger home, there is a lot of space that looks empty if it’s not covered up with objects. One of the hazards of having a large home. In the photograph above of my stove top area my copper pot is maybe my favorite! My mom gave it to me and I absolutely love the warmth it exudes just by its color and what it is made of. Iron skillet… Same thing. My son gave it to me and it’s the perfect size for one person, in my opinion. My coffee cup is from Yellowstone National Park, LOL! My mom and I went there and this was the one souvenir I brought home. I make coffee the way I do with a filter in a pour over frame because I learned to do that from my friend Cody up in Colorado and I love the minimalist feel of it. Salad tongs… bought them while in Kenya, platter on the wall – given to me by my mom. Spoon holder… Made by my son in elementary school and the little bone spoon on top of it another item from a trip to Kenya. The neat thing about using objects that you feel this way about is if you choose to, you can relive the moment it showed up in your life. Be responsible for the energy you bring into your life! It’s so much fun that way.

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