The miracle of going back to Kenya

I’m about to leave on another great adventure and I hope to share with a lot of you some of my experiences through this blog. You know last year I went to Colorado and rode the mustang across 500 miles of the Rockies which I thought was my “Everest”.

Now I am blessed to be traveling with my best friend from seventh grade to a land that holds my heart. We are both 60 so it’s weird… Because we feel like grown-up teenagers. I first went to Kenya in… I think it was 1978. It was the last big adventure with my whole family because my dad passed away from cancer not long after that. What an adventure it was then and it will be my sixth trip in the morning. What makes it even better, is I am going back to visit my friend Nigel that I met on my very first trip there, those many years ago. We became penpals and continued to right until 2010. Technology got a hold of us and hand written letters were harder to be motivated to accomplish. I have been back to see him and his wife several times but it always feels miraculous.What makes it even better is to watch it through my friend, Edie’s eyes. This will be her first trip and although I am not complacent about my experiences there, I have done a few things before at this point so to see the whole adventure through her eyes is going to be so much fun. I haven’t planned on this being a horse trip but the last time I was there I got to ride a beautiful thoroughbred through giraffes, antelope and assorted other creatures of the dark continent. Who knows? Maybe I will get to ride again! Anyway, I hope you will follow my adventure. I hope I will be able to post often…

9 thoughts on “The miracle of going back to Kenya

  1. Safe travels – I know it will be a fabulous experience, as your experiences always are- can’t wait to read about it…Godspeed Lissa!
    Xoxo Linda

  2. YAY! For all the years I have followed your blog you have interspersed your stories with memories of your trip to Kenya ~ so glad you are going again.

    Godspeed on your adventures and of course I’m following along …. and BTW you are one GORGEOUS lady~


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