Flip flops become Art…

Ocean Sole

What an amazing idea to gather old flip-flops, whether on the beach, side of the road or in trash heaps… And turn them into art. Sculptures of sea creatures, elephants, warthogs… I toured this wonderful facility outside of Nairobi and learned how they take the old dirty flip-flops and transform them.

First of course they receive them from people who have gathered them in bags.

They are then cleaned and glued together into large blocks.

Next, a design is chosen and they are roughly cut into the shape using large, sharp knives. All of this is hand work by locals.

Details are then finished up and the sculpture, key fob, marketing souvenir… Is cleaned thoroughly and ready for shipment.

Katie Carnelley so generously took us on a wonderful tour and answered every question we had. Her father Nigel is a friend and great support of all of the wonderful artistic projects his daughters are involved in. Another daughter also makes fantastic objects from the local fabrics in all of the bright colors of Kenya. I will share that in a later post. Please check out Ocean Sole online with the link I have provided up top!

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