Green Crater Lake…

Hiking is a big part of this culture… Well walking is. We call it hiking because it’s recreational. Of course, so many people must walk to get water, firewood, etc. So today, we decided to hike the rim of Green Crater Lake.

An ancient volcano crater, it has filled with water and created a protected area for the animals that live in the crater. Eland, baboons, water buffalo, hyenas…

We drove the road that runs along the edge of Lake Naivasha to the entrance of Green Crater Lake park. In case we didn’t make it back to the car before dark, lanterns, water, extra phone batteries… Everything went in a backpack. Stuff happens when you’re walking out in the brush in Kenya!

Sometimes I look at the vegetation here and it looks like it’s from another planet. The euphorbia, cactus, succulents are all so beautiful in their sculptured design.

The hike is at about 6000 feet so I was breathing hard but as we walked down the cliffs to the floor of the crater, I caught my breath and was able to look up and view the gorgeous surroundings. We made it to a small restaurant for tourists and had a sundowner before we trekked up the crater back to where the car was parked. Great day!

2 thoughts on “Green Crater Lake…

  1. I was holding my breath that you’d make it back before dark ~ beautiful country but I don’t want to be out in the wilds at night !! Thanks for keeping us updated on your adventures ~ MJ

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