Lunch with the calves…

The cattle here live with their caretakers, maybe not necessarily in the same house but maybe just might as well… The Masai people are a herding tribe. Their bank account is their herd and the cattle they raise may not be pure bred Boran but they have the gentle disposition and bloodlines.

The Boran come from the Zebu, “bos indicus”. Today, I’m having lunch with calves. They are let out of the boma in the morning after being protected by thorny walls of thorns. The thorn walls keep the lions and hyenas out. After being shown earlier in their life where to graze during the day, they make that trip every morning and have a pretty regular schedule it seems. At some point in the morning they walk past my gate and into the front of the veranda where we eat when we are here. Today they are still here napping during lunch. It’s a wonderful treat.

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