The rock wall neighborhood outside the kitchen sink window, Karibu!

Laundry day is a welcomed opportunity for rest. This afternoon, I’m rinsing all my clothes of the red dirt from Nakuru… So it can lay outside in the sun to dry before I leave in the morning for Nanyuki.

Looking out the kitchen sink window at the rock wall, my hands down in the warm soapy water scrubbing my T-shirts and pants. It feels comforting and relaxing. Little lizards scurry across the rocks and unfamiliar plant life grows out of crevices. Probably a whole neighborhood along that rock wall, lizards talking to each other in lizard language, slugs passing slowly by hoping no one notices…

The embankment is cut out to make room for the house I am staying in. Moisture seeps through the cracks in the rock to provide plants with needed moisture. Moss outcroppings in the sun provide a comfortable bed for a lounging lizard.

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