Views from my bed in the tiny home

Looking down into the kitchen from my warm loft bedroom

This morning as I lie in the warm glow of the sunrise, I hear spring peepers, little frogs celebrating life in the creek down the hill. The wind blows through the tops of leafless trees, calling to me to come out and play in the sunshine. This soft early morning envelopes my desire for 2 cups of coffee this morning thanks to a new bag of beans given by a friend the day before.

Looking to the west from my bedroom window

I live with so much abundance. Friendships and their gifts and all that nature has to offer. Eggs from my two chicken friends in their warm boxes in the house originally constructed for quail. My garden earnestly provides leaves to eat under the shade cloth protecting it from unexpected frosts. We all work together as a team. Even Otis, my dog friend keeps raccoons and pigs from invading. Thank you to everyone, feeling grateful this morning.

9 thoughts on “Views from my bed in the tiny home

  1. It was that kind of morning, wasn’t it. I invited Molly to join me to see the morning sun touch the tops of the trees and smell the fresh, spring-like air. Isn’t it wonderful to be grateful. Love you so much Lissa. Mom


  2. the view from your perch looks so cozy to me, I can see why you love it. I’m small, and I’ve realized, through reading your posts, that I love small spaces, too. They make me feel cozy and safe. I get overwhelmed in big cavernous rooms/homes … odd huh? Peaceful!


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