Writer…or Rider?

Today I met a stranger. Well not quite a stranger, we had corresponded on messenger because I was giving him plants, some milkweed for butterflies.

That’s another story…

Anyway, one of the questions he asked me was, “so you are a writer?“

I wasn’t sure I heard him right and asked “a rider? Or did you say writer?“ of course I think of myself as a rider. I post about it all the time on Facebook, what my horse has done, the horses I am riding, the fact that horses are amazing creatures that save people’s lives all the time…I am all about horses. So it made sense to me that he would have said rider. But when he corrected me, I felt a little confused like… How in the world does he know I like to write? But I pretended that it was a natural question and answered, “yes, I guess so“, I think that’s what I said, anyway. It was like someone from the other side of the veil was shaking my shoulders. Writer! He said writer! Then I proceeded to tell him a little about a novel I had started and was working to finish. I felt a little tongue-tied so naturally I just start talking. Apparently he has written some screenplays and knows what he is doing and I feel like such an amateur. But at that moment I had this feeling of, wake up in there! You love to write! Quit treating it like it’s a hobby, claim it and get going!

So here I am… On my blog that I only visit occasionally, yep! with a newfound motivation. Let’s hope I can keep it up. I am challenging myself to post in a consistent and rhythmic time frame that I will not share with you because I don’t want to feel bad or be held accountable if I don’t do it… LOL.

Well, I’m going to try once a week. It’s for me and my own entertainment so if nobody reads it I’m cool. 10–10, standing by.

4 thoughts on “Writer…or Rider?

  1. Wonderful! I love reading what you write. I always look forward to getting one of those emails that says, “When I Ride” The way you write is very engaging to me as the reader. It makes me feel like I’m sharing a part of your life.
    Love it and you❤️

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