Cluster F***!, not really…

Have you ever thought that what was going on at that moment was a complete and total cluster F—!? OK, not like a bomb dropped in your neighborhood in Syria… Not like a tornado just hit your mobile home. But something just so random that it makes you wonder, what the heck!? I have been so excited about loading my horse and dogs up and visiting with friends out of town at a state park. Staying the weekend, riding horses playing with the dogs seeing beautiful country… Shopping during the week, I made all of the food I had committed to bring, hooked up the trailer, loaded all of the dogs beds and food… I stuffed everything in the cab of my truck because I knew it was just going to be a few hours drive not a big deal and I could unload it when I got there. I saddled my horse and loaded him. Put a big net of hay for the trip and started down the road. I had an acupuncture appointment in Austin at one earlier in the day and after that wonderful experience really felt like I was ready to go for the weekend. So I rushed home, jumped in the truck, Headed down the highway and pulled into the park just before dark. Just in time to unload everything before it got pitch black. The dogs were whining needing to go to the bathroom and as soon as the trailer came to a halt, the horse stretched out and Peed in the trailer. Everyone had been holding it and was glad we were there. When I stepped into the office they said no, that was not the correct information. It must be another weekend. Wait, what? I called my friend and she laughed. Oh no! That’s next weekend she said. Lissa strikes again. Are you kidding me? Now I am going to have to find a place to spend the night because there are no empty spots here. So I get a suggestion and start driving. I actually tried three different places and none of them would take me because I was just going to spend the night in the truck and I needed a pen to put my horse in. Nope, they were not going to make a bunch of money off of me so keep going lady! I finally decided to stop at the rodeo arena, put my horse in a pen and just sleep in the truck with the dogs and all of the crap I had stuffed in there. I was laughing to myself and feeling sorry for myself all at the same time. How in the hell did I get into this situation? Obviously, by not paying attention. Well at least I had plenty of food to eat since I had packed enough for 10 people LOL. I fed the dogs, took them for a walk, got the horse set up with water and hay, then proceeded to get into my sleeping bag in the front seat of the truck, lay the seat back and close my eyes for the night. The dogs were stuffed behind me but comfortable enough. I opened the windows and looked up into the stars. This is actually like camping I thought to myself and I love to camp so what is the problem? I think the problem was that I was mad at myself. What the hell? Where was your brain? You knew she said Easter weekend. How in the hell did you get so confused? The way I think… I always believe there is a reason for everything that happens. Of course we may never know what it is or it may make it self clear at a later date. But any case, was this so bad? Maybe this was an opportunity for me to look at things from a different perspective. What I had thought was going to happen did not. Now I have a chance to decide, am I going to be happy or am I going to be mad? At that moment, while I was looking out the window and cussing myself out I stopped. This actually is pretty fantastic! I like adventure and I like fun. I guess I’m fine after all. It’s not as big a cluster as I thought it was. If we choose to look at it that way, things can always be just fine.

2 thoughts on “Cluster F***!, not really…

  1. So sorry to be laughing but I’ve done the same thing except I had two reservations in Italy for the same night – at DIFFERENT places. Talk about not being in two places at one time – I used to think I really was born blond – now I just don’t know what to blame…
    Sorry for you but at least you had sort of a place to sleep…(doesn’t your horse trailer have sleeping quarters?)

    1. Yes it does! But I was not in my big trailer I was pulling my two horse

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