Is there still magic?

Waking up this morning, this Easter morning… I remember back to the magical feeling of excitement of going downstairs when I was little to see what the Easter bunny had put in my basket. Yes, I am one of those kids who grew up with a mom who made Easter and Christmas as magical as possible.

Even spring was magic because that was when we made baskets of spring flowers to put on our neighbors door knobs. There was always an opportunity to create magic.

Where is it now? As I’m in the last third of my life I wonder… Where do I find the magic? So on my walk this morning, through the spring flowers, watching the dogs run back-and-forth following scents left by the critters running around during the night, I realize there is still magic.

It is in nature where it has been all along. The way the flowers are constructed, with their beautiful design and colors. Each one so different yet created by the same hand.

Nature and all of her glory has truly outdone herself creating a magical world. A beautiful earth for us to call home for a while.

3 thoughts on “Is there still magic?

  1. Oh, Lissa, such beautiful photos! Yes, you have captured the magic. Seems we just need to notice that it is all around us. I love the flowers and especially of Otis and Tater sitting in the spring wildflowers. My parents made Easter and Christmas extra magical for us, too. We are very fortunate to have grown up in this way. We were filled with wonder and excitement.
    Love you. Hugs, Cinny

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