When God pushes you out of your comfort zone…

“Relationships are laboratories of the spirit” -Marianne Williamson

I may look unique on the outside, but inside I am just like everyone else. God is either in everyone or in no one. Nobody missed out on a spirit. Everyone is wounded, everyone is a little scared… So even when I have a casual conversation with the young lady at the register checking me out for groceries there is something I can do. There is something I can do to either make her day better or her day worse. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is a common theme in all religion. In all spiritual practices, whatever. Everyone wants to be seen, everyone would like to experience love in their life. It’s all hunky-dory when things are going well but when there is a challenge is when the real growth begins. Check your self before you judge others. Especially if they are not behaving the way you want them to. According to some people close to me, I am not behaving. I think I’m taking this train of thought because I recently have been nudged by the universe out of my comfort zone. My security blanket, metaphorically, is where I live in all of its familiarity for the past 60 years. There have been changes in my location, sure! But my family home, my grandparent’s home has been the only constant. It’s the place I ran when I needed a safe haven and a great comfort at all times in my life. All of my precious friends who support me emotionally and in other ways are here and some of them I have been close to for 30 years. I have to move to a new location and I have no idea where that will be. I am bucking like a bronc with the saddle on for the first time. Mad, scared and wanting to seriously maim anyone who tries to get near me. I love adventure but usually when I choose how and when and where it occurs. That makes me laugh. Control issues much? One time I married a man because of how unpredictable he was. I thought it would be fun. The next one I married in part because I knew he would be so dependable. We don’t know what we want until we compare it to something and realize that’s not what we want. This just keeps happening in our life. We don’t recognize light until we have experienced darkness. So… I’m all over the place. I guess because that’s how I’m feeling right now… Limbo. As I wander through Home Depot trying to distract myself, I pray for relief in the form of better thoughts. To be continued…

7 thoughts on “When God pushes you out of your comfort zone…

  1. “Well-behaved women seldom make history”. At our age we do not misbehave. We make choices for ourselves and deal with the consequences. I got pushed out of my comfort zone 5 years ago at the unexpected end of a 38 year marriage. I know that limbo! I like that you are fighting it, I went without a fight. Defeated and exhausted. So remember, when you are misbehaving I have bail money if you need it.

    1. Girlfriend! Thank you… It feels good to know I’ve got people out there that have my back. Sweet friends

      Lissa Burnette-Rabon 20995 Ranch Rd. 12 Driftwood, TX 78619 Cell: 254–855–5037


  2. “Growth never comes without growing pains,” – My Mom. You don’t like the feeling of being adrift – but I can feel you will be just fine. It’s not the end point that’s distracting it’s the going through it point. So think through it all, and make your list — if you don’t know what you want, start by writing down what you don’t. Then next to that, write the opposite – ta-da, there’s your list of what you want. You’ve got this!!


  3. I’m kinda going through it now. The thinking is, “I’m too old for this s***.” But, God has his ways. It seems to happen the most when you lose someone close. It’s “what am I going to do now?” And, it is not made any easier when others say, “you ought to do this” or “you ought to do that”. That’s when you find out they have no idea what they’re talking about and know who are. I know I work my best when I have a roadmap. 🙂

    Writer or rider? You got both pretty well covered.

    1. Man, I appreciate your comment. Good luck in your transition time. It can be so spiritual if we let it. I send you peace and loving thoughts.

      Lissa Burnette-Rabon 20995 Ranch Rd. 12 Driftwood, TX 78619


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