He’s only four days old…

My new partner
Four days old, first time outside

Andalusians. Since I was little, Andalusians, Lipizzaners, Lusitano … Magical names for magical horses. My grandmother took me to the Lipizzaner shows when I was little, back in the 60s. We made it an annual excursion, the memory is clear. As a writer, with my press pass I got to go behind the scenes at the Lippizan show after she had passed away. And now… I have a Spanish bred horse, an Andalusian crossed with a saddlebred. A popular cross because Andalusians are very hard to come by in the United States. The pure bred horses, well, there aren’t that many of them here. At a recent gathering of horse people, I heard about one that needed to be rehomed. He had been fostered by a wonderful woman outside of Houston and was ready to go to his forever home. She had watched him being born, his birth was filmed by National Geographic. And here is the video of him at four days old. As of today he is a one year old stallion. I decided since this is a dream come true, I would like to blog about it. So it’s almost been a year since I have posted anything on my blog and I hope you will enjoy watching him progress. I haven’t given him MY name for him yet…

2 thoughts on “He’s only four days old…

    1. Thank you! I had a feeling you did… Seems like we have talked about them before. This is so fun!

      Lissa Burnette-Rabon 20995 Ranch Rd. 12 Driftwood, TX 78619


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