Little stallion…

Yearling Andalusian stallion

So here I am with a little stallion. After my Shining Spark stallion, I really thought I was finished with that kind of challenge. I watched the transformation of a Two Eyed Jack stallion from a raving lunatic to a stud horse that was so gentle my stepdaughter could ride him. That horse taught me how to turn a steer. He was a wonderful heading horse. Sparky, my Shining Spark stallion, was good minded and a gentleman. He was still a stallion though, and nature’s call to breed is so strong that they will almost kill them selves to do it.


Two Eyed Oreo and Paige

Well I was lucky that I had my husband at the time close by because he was a wizard with those guys. My husband, was a stallion whisperer. When that part of my life ended, I vowed to never have another horse with all of his equipment intact. So many things you have to juggle to keep any mare on the place from getting bred. God’s grace, this little guy has some good brains in his head and he has never had an opportunity to breed yet so he is still manageable. But the decision has been made, he gets castrated on the 13th. I think a lot of these little stallion characteristics will fade like trying to nip everybody. Trying to mount my gelding while I’m riding him LOL. Stuff like that. I just love this little guy and by the way… Although he came with the name Cody, for “Codigo”, it just never really flowed for me. I’ve been calling him Tito, slang for uncle in Spanish. I think it’s going to stick.

6 thoughts on “Little stallion…

          1. I just finally got to read this. I love the way their neck ties into their shoulder. I just love everything about these horses… Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with me. I love your photograph of you with your boy

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