Why is it so hard to like that about yourself?

Mixing work and Play

A fellow blogger has started a 30 day challenge to post the truth about things in our lives. They ask the questions and you answer…truthfully. As I was commenting on the question for day 2, what is something you like about yourself, I started to wonder why it felt so wrong to admit that I do know of a couple of things.

I like that I have figured out how to mix work and play so I have fun all the time…well, most of the time. Take for instance, this photo of me being blown backwards. I am sitting on the ground taking photos of a deer counting project going on at the ranch. The helicopter wash is blowing me backwards and one of the guys took a picture which is pretty unusual. I am a hard worker. I have a great work ethic. I don’t have many pictures of me working. Hardly any of me riding. No one is there to take any and I am always behind the camera.

"Networking" at a horse show

So, I am off on a rabbit trail there, sorry. What I was starting to say is that I am an encourager to my friends and co-workers but not to myself. I could sit and name off a dozen things I like about this or that person but when it comes to me, not so much. I was raised that it was bragging and unattractive. So I try not to say nice things about myself. How about you?

So today I will be truthful and take a chance that you will look at those things that you like about yourself and not be embarrassed by them. It’s awesome that you like yourself! If you do, then others can too.

My office

6 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to like that about yourself?

  1. Love your pics!! I have always loved horses. We use to have one that was kept behind our house, we would feed him, brush him, he was a great horse. We don’t see him anymore since we moved, but we spoiled him while we was there 🙂

  2. what a interesting post… and I love that photo of you being blown back in the grass .. well, actually I loved ALL the photos.

    Can I transfer to your office? 🙂

    Cheers! MJ

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