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Slowing the cat population…

When I heard that our barn cat population had reached sixteen…I gasped. No way! I said. That can’t be! It seems like just six months ago, we hauled four to the vet to get spayed and neutered.

Prove it, I thought as I walked to the barn. I only counted ten…but there are two in the wall, he explained, and two under the medicine room. Then the two up at the work shed...STOP! I can’t take it anymore! Where are they all coming from?

The pastures. Ferral cats are a huge epidemic in this area. People dump cats out on the side of the road, none of them are spayed and they go to easy food. Overrun with cats.

Okay. Let’s trap ’em and take at least three more to the vet.      $$$$$$$ Cha-ching$$$$$

So I called to make an appointment and the day is here. We set up the “have a heart” trap and caught…three females.

Wrangling cats. Herding cats…what is the saying? The hissing and spitting was deafening as I lift them up into the back of the pick-up. Trying not to give them all kitty strokes, I covered the trap with a blanket so they wouldn’t freak as we hurtled down the highway at 70 mph.

They will be ready tomorrow, Lucille said. God bless her. She runs the veterinarian’s office so efficiently and is always so accommodating. Oh, give them a rabies shot too, please! I added. They might run off after all of this but at least they won’t spread rabies for a year.

Picking them up the next day, I lift them gently and put them back in the trap that I had put a blanket into for a little comfort. I lay my yoga mat out in the back of the SUV and then placed the cage on top of that. They deserve a little air conditioning, post surgery, I thought.

I still had a few errands to run so I turned on the classical music station. They listen to that in the barn and I hoped the familiar music would keep them calm. Three little semi-wild cats have gone to the city and come back to the barn with quite a story to tell the others, I’m sure. First off they might say…do NOT get into that wire cage thing!

Freshly shaved bellies

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4 thoughts on “Slowing the cat population…

  1. To see what your cats are very happy. It’s great and beautiful to see them…

  2. I hope they are going to keep the snakes and mice away. That is my desire. Thank you, L.

  3. Bless you for doing what you did. Unfortunately not all pet owners are as responsible .. hence the dropping off part. Loved that you’re playing classical music in the barn; ours liked Motown. Maybe it was my Elvis influence? 🙂


  4. Have to admit, I will slip some classic rock in there now and then. I thought of you on the anniversary of The King’s death.

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