Horse metaphors for life…

“We need to all pull the cart in the same direction” ” You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” ” You shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth” These metaphors using the equine world, are popular and heard by us all on a regular basis.  Have you ever wondered about the origin of some of them? “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”, refers to when a horse is given to you as a gift, …you don’t look in his mouth to examine his teeth to see how old he is. It’s a gift. Just be grateful! The one about all pulling the cart in the same direction…can you imagine if two horses were trying to pull a cart in two different directions? You wouldn’t get very far, right? While exercising three horses at once, I was reminded of this saying and felt grateful we were all “on the same page” when it came to where we were going. I had a plan, I slowly introduced it to each horse, held the reins of the horse I was on and the two lead ropes in such a way as to not get my fingers ripped off just in case it didn’t work…and then took a step forward. Each horse eventually moved forward with me. I let that sink in and then we took another step or two. I stopped and let them think about that. Pretty soon, all three of us were happily trotting down the road in unison, getting in our daily exercise and “happy as clams”… I began to think of the work that went into that moment. The work and time from previous months, sometimes years, that provided a base of experiences for this moment to be a success and not a horse wreck. The time spent on the ground teaching them to be soft and responsive when led. Taking the time to teach and not just provide stimuli for them to react to. It also came to mind that God prepares me for moments in my life by providing step by step, experiences for me to learn from so that I will be prepared when life situations get a bit more complicated. How does that manifest in your work place, your home? Horse metaphors…horse wisdom.IMG_6167


4 thoughts on “Horse metaphors for life…

  1. My father told me: God helps the early bird.
    Good to read these metaphors are lessons of life, from simple and easy. nutritive always see your post.
    Here came the news of heavy rain in Texas. All right?
    Adiós y mucha suerte…

    1. Si. Todo esta bien aquí. Gracias Dios para la lluvia. Es muy seca este tiempo del año. Yo practicando mi español mucho ser lista por mi viaje. Hasta luego mi amigo. Tenga un buen semana.

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