First he’s a stallion, then he’s not…

Making new friends

Taking a young horse to be castrated during the height of all the fear around the COVID-19 virus was an interesting challenge. They decided it was an essential surgery of which I was very glad because I have three mares on my place and they all decided it would be fun to come into heat when he showed up. All they needed was a little guy nickering over the fence to them and we were full on ready to be bred. Nature is amazing. When my appointment came up, I was to pull into the back of the vet parking lot area and unload my horse back there. Then wait for someone who came with a mask and gloves, the full outfit… To take my horse to his holding pen. I was not allowed to go in. Talking to the vet later, she assured me everything went as predicted and I could pick him up that evening after the clinic was closed. He loaded easily in the trailer still on his pain meds and I took him home and kept him up in a small pen with my big wise gelding, Minnow. The next day began a consistent amount of hand walking every day to keep the incision open so it could drain from the inside out and heal. It wasn’t long before I noticed him not lifting his left rear leg very high. It worried me because the other leg seemed fine. I felt the incision area after about a week and there was a large collection of fluid and swelling and I imagine, scar tissue developing. He just didn’t seem to want to lift that leg and I was worried something might have gotten pulled or injured during the surgery. Horses can hurt themselves in so many crazy ways, you just never know. Just when I was about to call and make an appointment for the veterinarian to check out the situation I noticed the swelling was starting to go down. This was a good two weeks almost 3 after the surgery. All my worry was for nothing because now he is happy as can be, just as playful just as rambunctious and all is well. I have such high hopes for this guy and I am excited about playing with him and working with him… The discoveries are going to be unlimited.

When life was fun with your mom
Learning to stand tied

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