Swallows Scouts Arrive…

Sitting on the porch with my hot tea, watching the sunrise, I heard a familiar bird noise. I haven’t heard it since last year. Then SWOOP…a Barn Swallow swooped past, about one foot from the end of my nose.

Multi colored barn swallow nest

So quick, I did a double take but i knew they had returned. Yea! A true sign of Spring, these little winged acrobats build small nest sculptures under the eves of our roof. The mud is different colors from different parts of the property. Red from the arena dirt, tan and white from the road, create strips of mud “beads” to form a sweet cup with an occasional feather sticking out.

A "beaded" nest

Knocking the ones down that they build over the doorway, I left some up so they wouldn’t have so much work to do when they returned from their exotic winter home. California, Mexico?

The cats were looking up, their heads weaving back and forth, watching the first arrivals flying so close overhead. Then I heard my first mosquito of the Spring. Perfect timing.

The next morning, I sat outside to catch the morning bird activities but no swallows?!

Ohhh! Must have been the Scouts. Scouts move ahead of a migrating group to scope out the old nesting site. Is it up and running? Available for lease? You get it….

Next day, I saw a couple in the early morning but by lunch they were gone again. Must be reporting back to the squadron.

The "duplex" in the crossvine

Soon, I know I will be waking up to the constant chatter of those little tweeters. They fuss and chirp, so busy building the condos of nests for the colony. Just loving those swallows and appreciating their air shows. Watch out mosquitoes…here they come.

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