Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

Lake Naivasha

I have always been fascinated by water. I read that we never loose water, it is always here in the atmosphere, somewhere. Maybe not in the Sahara right now but it was at one time and has simply moved to a different location on the Earth.

Where I live, in central Texas, we could sure use some. This link

RainyMood.com: Rain makes everything better..

takes you to a rain storm website that is relaxing  to listen to while you catch up on emails. Pray for rain.

Water under the Bridge
The Yellowstone River

Yellowstone National Park was named for the Yellowstone River. The river got its name from native people who called it the Yellow Rock river in their native language, after the yellow colored cliffs along its bank in some places. French trappers later translated it to “Yellow Stone” and it became what it is today.

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