Memorial Day Memories…

Setting up

I know Memorial Day has come and gone. Please excuse my tardiness…I just can’t pass up an opportunity to share small town Texas and the patriotism that I grew up with.

VFW Hall

I am not from Iredell, Texas but the flag display that the VFW Hall puts up every May makes me proud. Just wanted to share a part of what makes our country so great.

5 thoughts on “Memorial Day Memories…

  1. Be still my heart; such a beautiful, majestic flag .. and seeing it fly and flap in the wind makes my heart soar.

    I’m a new citizen and so very proud to be one .. it took a long time to get through the process but am I ever glad I did.

    wonderful post; gorgeous pictures.

    Cheers! MJ

  2. I cannot sing our anthem without bawling. I cannot see a soldier without sniffling. And I cannot think about being sworn in without losing it!

    I just loved your photos .. and the sentiment
    🙂 MJ

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