Day 8 of the 30 questions: Someone who made your life hell…

If you are following the 30 questions posts, the question is…who is someone who has made your life Hell?

No big mystery here. Even though I would love and I mean LOVE to blame it on someone else…it’s me. Yep, me again. No really, think about it.

Everything that has ever happened in my life, I have made a conscious choice about how I was going to think about it. Was it good? Was it bad? Sure, there are some things that most people would agree are just plain bad. Death of a loved one…sad. Fell and busted all my front teeth out of my mouth…bad. Birth of a son…good. Car wreck…bad. You get the idea.

you don't want to know what is under that lip...

But what if, in the grand scheme of things, busting out all of my front teeth wasn’t bad, it just “was”?

The thoughts that say “bad” are after all, just that…thoughts. Maybe the face plant was just something that happened. Yep, it hurt like a son of a gun, not pleasant.

Who would I be without the thought it was bad, that something bad had happened to me?
I would be this girl, walking around with a grin that is white and beautiful, even though it is manufactured in a dentist’s lab. That is it.

I am not saying we should just shrug off tragedy. Just be aware that we can make things worse for ourselves, increase the suffering by our thoughts about it.

Okay, I admit, I am not exactly in this enlightened place yet. Every second just about, I am judging the experiences that I have in my life. But with the knowledge that I am responsible, with my thoughts, for creating my own views about how my life is going?

Well, then I am the one who has made my life hell…or heaven.

For more on this way of thinking check out :  The Work with Byron Katie.

4 thoughts on “Day 8 of the 30 questions: Someone who made your life hell…

  1. Dont beat yourself up too much 🙂 We all make mistakes, and rather blame others than ourselves, but you are such a strong, inspirational person. By reading through these past 8 days I have came to see the strength you have brought to yourself. Don’t ever lose it.

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