When I Ride…

Sometimes, Impulsive is good…

I was remembering the other day when someone asked me, way back in 1981, if I would teach snow skiing to the local Special Olympics kids when I lived in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

It was during a casual conversation. Just popped up out of the blue and I said, sure. I’d be honored. Didn’t think about it, just said yes.

When I walked away from that conversation, I thought …what in the heck did you just do?

Do you know ANYTHING about mentally handicapped people? Are you a good enough skier to teach anyone anything? What in the world were you thinking?

I had already committed. I had said yes …and in my world that, yes means…yes.

Not…well I’ve had time to think about it… and…uh…

So, the day came and I just went out there, met the person I was assigned to teach and went for it. I remembered back to how I had been taught. How to snowplow, how to catch that T-Bar under your butt to get dragged up the hill of the bunny slope. I just HELPED.

To this day, it is one of the most rewarding memories in my life. I don’t remember the girl’s name… she doesn’t remember mine but we had a great day.

We both learned there are people out there that add to your life and thank GOD they don’t ponder whether they should…they just do.

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes, Impulsive is good…

  1. I have read all your post, here in the mountains where I am. All very good and rewarding for the soul.
    Greetings from far away

  2. Somehow I think your soul knew what your brain hadn’t grasped yet. That you could do it, that you would do it, and that you’d be great at it.

    Cheers! MJ

  3. Somehow, I think you are right! Thanks for the encouragement. You are an encourager.

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