Watching the Clouds…

Central TexasA change is in the air. I can hear something coming. The wind hits the trees about a football field away and I watch as the leaves begin to move in the trees closer to me. Then it hits and the moisture fills the air, it is almost sweet. Small drops hit the dirt and a little dust flies with a …poof!   The darker wet marks of rain show on the faded grey pipe of the arena and I feel my horse start to gather himself.

At once, we are in the air like he has been lifted by an unseen force, so excited is he that he has become a Pegasus and I give him the reins so he can feel the electricity that shoots through his system. I will not tell him to calm down, I will not scold him for his excitement. I feel it too and wish that I had four legs to run like the wind, with the wind that carries the life-giving rain.

Thank you God and while you are giving us this relief, we will take more. We will accept all that you will allow and be so grateful.

5 thoughts on “Watching the Clouds…

  1. That is good to note that long-awaited rain arrives. I love the smell of the earth in the first few minutes it starts to rain.
    God knows you need the rain for their fields.

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