Remembering Bob “Z”, a character in the best sense of the word…

As we were packing for the trip to Northern California, I asked, do we have the T-shirts?

You see…we were flying to Sonoma County, picking up my husband’s race bike that had been shipped out there with all of the other race bikes, and then I was going to watch as much as I could see…of his six hour race.

A triathlon, the Vineman Triathlon, that involved swimming in the Russian River, riding his bike through the wine country and then running a half marathon…but one of the most important items we needed was a set of t-shirts made for race day.

Bob “Z”, beloved father of a dear friend, passed away recently and we wanted to have him with us on this trip…in spirit.

An avid outdoorsman and adventurer, Bob had traveled the world and met all sorts of people and done all kinds of things. He was quite a character while here in Earth School and is missed greatly.

Just a shout out to him and his family…this one’s for YOU, Bob “Z” !

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