Fake it till you make it…

I was lying in bed the other night…trying to fall asleep but thinking. That’s frustrating, because I think about stuff I can’t do anything about which then leads to worrying. When we worry, it’s not a loving thing. It’s just an indication that we don’t truly trust God with our life or someone else’s.

Smile before you shoot!

I was fighting my thoughts. It was like an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), full on, in the cage, fight club in my head and then I just said out loud to myself…Yes, I talk to myself…I said, STOP IT!

But how do I stop? Thoughts are going to come. We can’t control them coming but we can control which ones we pursue so I just lay there and smiled. I took the corners of my mouth and pushed them up with my finger tips.

That simple action started something. My stomach relaxed and I took a deep breath automatically.  I actually felt lighter in my mind. I was able to chuckle at myself and then the smile was real. Once it got started, it was easier to hold and soon I was able to reach for a happy thought to replace the negative ones that had left the building.

If we are unable to find God’s goodness in a moment and are stuck in a pity party or the worrying game, then we must begin the practice of intentionally smiling. By becoming what we are looking for, we can guarantee that it will show up in our life. If we constantly focus on the chaos, and negativity then THAT is what is going to be predominant, right?

Smiles are the first step to shifting our thoughts to HAPPY. Smiles also physically create happiness by raising the levels of serotonin and releasing endorphins (happiness hormones), so give it a try. Turn that frown upside down…

6 thoughts on “Fake it till you make it…

  1. SO insightful…and…such a PERFECT Reminder of a place we have all been….
    sometimes too many times!
    I LOVE HOW YOU WRITE straight from The Heart and touching Mine!

  2. It works! I’ve been where you were — lying in the dark, staring into space, fuming/tossing/turning when suddenly I started laughing. Just laughing .. out loud. Woke up the Hubbs who said “What-the-??” and then I felt better. Sometimes I think it’s important to step away and outside of ourselves and truly see the bigger picture; That’s when we let Him in.


  3. Thank you so much for your beautiful words and wisdom shared. You have been a great teacher here on Buffalo Woman Ranch……….as you learn and grow, so do we. All one great reflection of the love in the world!

    Your photos are exquisite too!

    Your ‘presence’, the gift of your authenticity and generous spirit, and hard working hands will be missed by all, 2 legged and 4 legged alike.

    Blessings on your journey “May the Horse be with YOU!” ‘Till we meet again……..


    1. Thank you Robbie. Buffalo Woman Ranch is my school, my friends live there…it is my home away from home. I appreciate your kind words and all that you and Cody have done to support my growth.

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