It’s a conundrum

It’s a conundrum… Emotions swirling, excitement building and the anxiety of leaving the familiar, my home, my family and friends, the animals I’ve made myself responsible for…. In just a few days, I load the horses and head north to Palo Duro Canyon to spend the night and then continue on to Denver the next day. I have dropped my dog off with his dad to visit while I’m on the trip. My other horses are ready to hang out in the pasture for a month with my son keeping an eye on them. Horses are shod for the adventure, trailer is ready for the trip and I have all my gear together. I feel a little anxious but I have a lot of prayers, friends wishing me the best and patting me on the back saying I’m going to have a wonderful time. July 1, the trailhead at Waterton Canyon. We, the horses and I, will be there…

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